Dahon D7 – One of the Best Folding Bikes Around

Dahon D7 – One of the Best Folding Bikes Around

Looking for a folding bike? Start and finish by looking at Dahon, particularly the Dahon D7. Forget what you think a folding bike looked like years ago, today they are stylish and fun at superb prices. The Dahon Speed D7 is a great mix of functionality, serious cycling and amazing value.The frame is made of Chromoly Sonus tubing which is seriously stronger than tensile steel. This in itself creates a firm frame which helps your conserve your own energy whilst cycling.

The derailleur design gives great ground clearance, a must for the urban or light trail cyclist and the quick gear shifting allows for faster cycling with optimum assistance from the bike itself. Its a hassle free, very simple and easy collapsible bike which appeals to a very big audience and shows up in the ever increasing sales of the Dahon D7

Whilst this couldn’t be called the lightest bike from this manufacturer,for the urban and explorer biker this is one of the best. Despite all of that it isn’t heavy by any stretch of the imagination. It is very portable with a weight of around 27lbs. It arrives mainly erected with only the odd tweak here and there needed to be on the road in a very short time.

There are a variety of what have to be said are not exciting colors, mainly neutrals but this is not the sort of bike for showing off on, it’s a utility bike ideal for commuting.You might not stand out for the color, you might not want to, but for ease of use and convenience it scores very high.

Dr Hon the originator of the bike had a previous life as physicist and it was his desire to find an easy cheap alternative to our reliance on oil.The bike was the obvious answer but the folding or collapsible bike had not been around long and it didn’t tick all the marks so a more inventive model was required and after a long search Dr Hon built the predecessor of the model Dahon Folding Bike of which the Dahon D7 is one.This was his answer to the question of finding a low cost, environmentally sensitive alternative to the car.

Features of the Dahon Speed D7 include

Seven speed Shimano rear cluster plus the cutting edge derailleur giving a great combination of low gear ratios and fast shifting to help with those hill climbs and avoid the wandering pedestrian.

The frame itself provides a rigid and responsive ride for even the tallest although it is fair to say that in common with Sonus Complete a lot of cycles the cockpit might be a bit tight for the taller person over 6 foot.

The telescopic handlepost also aids the taller person to have a comfortable and safe ride.

A precision braking system works well in dry and wet, a must for city cycling.

The Dahon D7 lives up to the title of one of the best folding bikes.It is light and streamlined and the three step folding system once mastered makes it very manoeverable. It remains folded when you want it to be folded (easy enough to slide under a desk and unfolded when you need to be able to ride it.

There is an outstanding spec on this bike and it remains an excellent affordable cycle giving a safe urban trip with the ability to be used on light trail cycling if required. It comes with a five year guarantee and the Dahon D7 has a reputation to keep it firmly at the top of the class.

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