HACCP Business Solutions

HACCP Business Solutions

Since a change of food hygiene legislation on 1st January 2006 the need for HACCP Business Solutions has become very important for food businesses in the United Kingdom

HACCP is an internationally recognized food safety management system that has been used by food producers for a number of years to identify, evaluate and control food hazards. It is a way of identifying and controlling the parts of the food handling process 토토안전업체 that are most important in preventing contamination and food poisoning. The introduction of new European Food Safety laws in the UK in 2006, extending the requirement for HACCP systems, meant that the need for HACCP Business Solutions became important for small as well as large food businesses.

To meet the international standards laid down for HACCP Business Solutions any system must be able to deliver a food safety management system based on the seven HACCP Principles.

These principles, are set down by the Codex Alimentarius Commission and are:

1 Identify any food hazards in the food business.
2 Determine the critical control points
3 Establish critical limits
4 Establish a monitoring system at the critical control points
5 Establish corrective action to be taken when monitoring identifies a system failure.
6 Establish procedures for verification to confirm the HACCP system is working effectively
7 Establish documentation for all procedures and appropriate records.

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