Don’t Miss This Breakthrough Tinnitus Treatment – 3 Steps to Silence!

Don’t Miss This Breakthrough Tinnitus Treatment – 3 Steps to Silence!

How would you feel if you could find a treatment that would get rid of the buzzy, hissy noise in your ears for good? Whether tinnitus is literally driving you crazy, destroying your relationships or robbing you of your sleep, one thing is certain. Your tinnitus is drastically taking away from your quality of life and it has to be stopped now!

Luckily you can reject any claims that there is no cure for tinnitus. Not true. There are many effective tinnitus therapies and in particular one breakthrough tinnitus treatment that is proven to eliminate the buzzy, hissy noise you are hearing and get your life back for good. In this article you will discover exactly what this breakthrough tinnitus treatment and how it is tailor made for you.

Let’s get one thing clear now. Tinnitus itself is not a disease or a serious medical condition. Tinnitus is simply an indicator of something else that is not right in the body. The symptoms of tinnitus can be more severe for some, and not a big deal for others. Tinnitus can be caused by an allergy, Menieres Disease, prescriptions medications, exposure to loud noise, too much salt or stress. If a cause like this for the tinnitus is determined by an ear, nose and throat specialist, treatment can be quite focused. For example if a medication is found to be causing the Silencil tinnitus, often stopping that medication will stop the buzzing in the ears.

This breakthrough tinnitus treatment is particularly effective in the case where a cause for the ringing in the ears cannot be determined- a very frustrating situation!

Moreover it does not simply mask the sound, it gets rid of it for the long-term. It has no side-effects and does not involve surgery. The most important thing is that you will take an active role in working out what combination of treatments work for you. This will involve patience and trial and error but in the end you will have a course of treatment that is perfectly suited to you!

Here are three steps to silence on which this breakthrough tinnitus treatment is based:

Living a healthy lifestyle

Fill yourself with the best of fuel-fresh fruit and vegetables, fish, poultry, whole grains and dairy products form sheep or goat. These foods will provide and excellent source of vitamins. B12 in particular found in dairy products, fish, meat and eggs my help the body make the material that protects the inner ear nerves.

Caffeine however is a main aggravator of tinnitus since it constricts blood flow to the inner ear as does nicotine, aspirin and salt. These should all be avoided or at least strictly limited. Keep a log of what you eat and if something you eat makes your T. worse, cut it out.

It is very important to have a strong immune system to fight off diseases that can make tinnitus symptoms worse. Regular, gentle exercise, even if it’s just ditching the bus and walking to work will keep the immune system strong and promote oxygen to the inner ear.

Enhancing your Immune System

Try to manage the stress you might be feeling with activities such as swimming and yoga and try to get as much sleep as you can. If your sleep is disturbed by the ringing and hissing in your ears, try to listen to masking sounds through an MP3 player.

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