The Timing Of Sympathy Gifts

The Timing Of Sympathy Gifts

There generally is a time and place for everything, including gift giving. This is especially true when buying a sympathy gift for someone who has just lost a loved one. Even the most thoughtful item given at the wrong time may be set aside, or worse, trigger additional heartache to the recipient. Here are a few suggestions as to when and what type of sympathy gift may be appropriate to send to the bereaved during the mourning process.

BEFORE AND IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING THE FUNERAL – Even if the passing away of a loved one was expected, the loss will still be a shock to those left behind. The stress felt by the survivors will be amplified by having to make funeral arrangements and notifying family and friends of the death. The best gifts to give at this time would be the classic gifts of flowers and food.

The casserole that only needs warming in an oven or microwave will be a timesaver for the bereaved. If making a meal as a gift is not within a person’s expertise, a restaurant gift card or ของชำร่วยงานศพ commercially available pre-cooked meals will serve to provide welcome nourishment to those left behind.

The long standing tradition of sending a floral arrangement to the funeral home or church is normally a greatly appreciated gesture. However, care must be taken to ascertain if there is an “In Lieu of Flowers” request being made by the survivors. In such a case, this wish should be honored and a donation be made to the designated charity.

ONE MONTH AFTER THE FUNERAL – At this point, the bereaved may no longer have to deal with the flurry of activity associated with the funeral and details related to the death. They may be feeling all alone and are beginning to deal with their loss. At this time, gifts of condolence such as picture frames, memory boxes, memorial jewelry or sympathy candles would send the appropriate message that they are remembered.

ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF DEATH – Survivors do not forget the day their loved one died and acknowledging their loss lets the bereaved know that you are still thinking of them. Remember them with a thoughtful gift of remembrance. Memorial garden stones, wind chimes with engraved quotes, and remembrance ornaments would be ideal gifts to honor the memory of their loved one.

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