You Can Quadruple Your Online Sales Within 5 Months

You Can Quadruple Your Online Sales Within 5 Months

You may be new to internet marketing and not sure how to approach and use it. Maybe your’ re a non-techie like me, and are confused by all the techie jargon and promises of different ways to get traffic and big sales

As a non-techie article marketing coach for the past 6 years, I discovered the one proven way to keep sales moving up. And, it’s ready for you because all you have to do is write a
sample in article format of what you offer like Mrs. Field’s chocolate cookies. Her business went big time 10 years ago and is still going strong. After people read the articles you write and submit to the top 20 article directories, you’ll love the surge of new traffic to your web site that’s targeted. And targeted is worth allot slot, because these visitors are already pre-sold.

Quadruple your Sales Within 5 Months like Me

With a new web site up much improved over the first one, my book sales went from $75 the first month, to $300 the second month, and after the fourth month, $1135, within five months up to $2225. Now, I know that’s far more than quadruple, but you many not have believed it’s possible to grow sales so fast and so big. And today, sales are triple and more those early days. This marketing system keeps on giving through the years.

The thing that made these sales keep growing from 2002 to 2008 is that I consistently wrote a few articles each week and submitted them to article-web sites who already had high traffic. I included them on my own web site in several categories that would appeal to authors/publishers and small business who need more branding and attention to stand out from the crowd.

Big internet gurus love article marketing too. But you can do plenty even if you are small with just you and maybe an assistant to submit the articles for you. Article marketing keeps your name out in cyberspace and today when you Google my name it will show that over 100,000 other sites have commented about me and the benefits from ebook and self publishing and over the last two years, advanced article marketing. Manifesting amazing online profits within even your first year will make you a convert to this # one viral marketing technique.

Whatever marketing you do for your business or book, consider article marketing. This virtual marketing machine is out there for anyone of you, and you can learn from a qualified teacher, author, take a teleseminar, or get individual coaching to boost your Online sales beyond your wildest imagination. What are you waiting for?

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