Guide to Prepare a Major Site Plan

Guide to Prepare a Major Site Plan

Major site plans generally are required for development planning. They provide an opportunity for developers to share their vision with others in the industry, as well as provide information regarding the costs and schedule for implementation. These plans serve as an important document for the local as well as national construction and development community. Here is an overview of how these plans are reviewed and selected:

The first step for any development plan is the Site Plan Application (SPA). Typically the site plan application process will range from 2 weeks to 6 weeks for initial proposal review and final approval. To apply for a Major Site Plan, please follow the instructions outlined below. Major site plan applications for new projects that don’t require Major site plan application, but require city planning and zoning amendments, should be filed with the City of Chicago Planning Department at least two months prior to the start of construction 메이저사이트. Applications should also be filed with the Zoning Administrator at least six months before construction begins.

The second step in the submission process is to complete the Tax Map. A tax map is prepared by the City of Chicago after reviewing the Major site plan application. This preparation plays an important role in determining how much city money will be required for the project and to what extent. Please visit the City’s Tax Map page. All taxing districts are represented on the map.

The third step is to submit a detailed application for land use procedures. All government may require additional documentation throughout the development process including: an environmental impact statement, an environmental report, a description of the project including what it will do and who it will affect (such as how many jobs it will create), a financing strategy and a land use plan. You should submit all three documents to the City of Chicago as part of your Major site plan application. The amount of information requested and completed will vary from project to project.

Once all documentation is submitted, the fourth step is the denial notification. If a major site plan is approved, approval is conditional upon the receipt of all required documentation. If the zoning ordinance section of the plan is not met, the denial notification will be issued. If all documentation is submitted and the zoning ordinance section is not met, the developer may still proceed with the project but must file an appeal within 90 days of the denial.

The fifth step is a comment response. After the denial notification is issued, the developer has a period of time to file a written comment with the City before the Planning Commission receives it. In most cases, the comment received within one month is considered timely and subject to the five-day rule. At this point in time, the developer may resubmit the major site plan with any changes or amendments that have been made. The developer also has up to five days to file an answer to the complaint if they wish to do so. This process is the same as any other comment response process.

The sixth step is the issuance of a notice of violation. If a determination is made that the proposed plan is in violation of any provision of the Zoning Code, the City will either issue an infringement order or the developer will receive a penalty of up to one month from the date of printing the notice of violation. If the developer does not respond in writing to the violations within one month, a penalty of up to one month will automatically be added to the amount owed for the improperly filed permit. If an infringement order is issued, the developer has a specific period of time in which the court can issue a stay order. The court will determine whether or not to stay the enforcement of the violating provisions and will likely issue an injunction against the developer.

The final and most important step in preparing a Major Site Map is preparing a complete and accurate Swm or I’m to comply with the applicable zoning regulations. A Swm or Sfm is a map that provides the dimensions and location of all structures located on the property. Please provide the city the complete Swm or I’m of the proposed development. Your permit application should include a copy of your major site plan with the proper resolution and cross-reference numbers to insure that all required information is included.

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