5 Mistakes That CIOs Make When Dealing With Tablet Madness

5 Mistakes That CIOs Make When Dealing With Tablet Madness

I love tablets, I’m sure that you love tablets. What’s not to love about them – they are thin, they go everywhere, and they run the coolest apps. Very soon tablets will become the poster children for the definition of information technology. You can well imagine the pressure that CIOs everywhere are under by the early adopters in their company (CEOs included) to quickly have the IT department support tablets and make tablets a part of how the company does business. As sexy as they are, CIOs need to be careful when agreeing to start to support tablets. It turns out that there are 5 things that CIOs need to know about tablets

Your Plan Is No Plan

The worst thing that a CIO can do is to have no plan when it comes to how the company wants to deal with tablets. Just ucdm buying a truck load of tablets and then handing them out to employees is no way to run an IT department. Tablets need to be cared for and supported just like every other IT device in the company. Every CIO in the IT sector is learning this lesson.

As the CIO, you are going to need to get a group of employees to trial using tablets to do their job. There will be many issues that pop up – simple things like policy issues and just exactly who owns the table will be among them! Take the time and come up with answers to these questions before you push tablets out to the rest of the company.

What Should People Do With Tablets?

As neat as tablets are, they currently can’t do everything that a laptop can. This can cause some serious problems for your staff. One of the biggest issues is simply that all applications that will run on a laptop will not necessarily run on a tablet.

Additionally, a tablet’s display is different from that of a laptop or even a desktop PC. This means that information may be displayed differently and, in some cases, information may be lost. Additionally, if a mouse or keyboard is required to do some tasks, they may be more difficult to do on a tablet which does not have either of these.

Where Is The Software?

So now you have a shiny new tablet in your hands. What are you going to do with it? You are going to need to get some software to run on it – “apps” in the vocabulary of tablets. The big question is does the software that you need exist for the type of table that you have?

The Apple store has many apps for the iPad, the Android store has many apps for Android-based tablets. However, nobody seems to have everything that everybody needs. You’re going to have to do some research before you buy and you may even end up having to write your own app for any specialized functions that your business performs.

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