Curiosity Killed the Cat – Not the Copywriter

Curiosity Killed the Cat – Not the Copywriter

Copywriters are invariably different from one another. But that’s by-the-by really, as from your point of view the most important aspect of hiring a copywriter is getting the right person for the job and ensuring they can offer and deliver the copywriting services you want. 

Curiosity killed the cat, but made the scientist - How to be curious -  Atlantbh Sarajevo

The truth is, copywriters vary from being brilliant to, well, lets just say, awful! Just like any other profession, there are top notchers, underachievers, rogues and young, whipper-snapper pretenders.  

The truth is if you want copy for a comedic and fun site you don’t want to hire a sour puss copywriter who doesn’t understand humor or irony and who hasn’t laughed in years. 

Knowing what you want and being able to convey this to the copywriter should help. Besides, one of the copywriters greatest assets is curiosity, so he or she ought to be asking you a bundle of questions The Cat site

Good copywriters want to know the ins and outs they want to get inside your prospects head.  

Whatever your project is, curiosity is a pre-requisite as it is the key to persuasion. And persuasion is the key to not only copywriting but to you realizing your objectives. 

Of course, your copywriter needs a way with words but they also need a good splattering of curiosity.   

Even the dullest product is exciting to someone and your copywriter has to spark that excitement, nurture and maintain it, turn it into curiosity which in turn transforms into desire, the desire for your product or service which of course means they will be landing on your buy button page soon enough.

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