Minerals For Diabetics

Minerals For Diabetics

Diabetics need to fulfill the body’s need for good minerals. We can get minerals from supplements that are available at the store. Minerals that are important for diabetics are chromium, calcium, selenium, zinc, manganese, and potassium. Minerals have a lot of functions to regulate our body.

Research indicates that chromium plays an important role and increases the efficiency of insulin, carbohydrate metabolism, protein, and also the synthesis of fatty acids. The newest generation of chromium is chromium picolinate, which is easier to be absorbed by Reversirol our body. Calcium helps to control cholesterol and improve the function of nerve and muscle tissue. Calcium deficiency can strengthen the body and help fight diabetes.

Diabetics have difficulty stimulating glucose uptake. Selenium helps to stimulate glucose uptake and synthesize fatty acids and other metabolic processes in the body. Selenium is also a powerful antioxidant that is important for glutathione peroxidase formation.

Zinc is an essential micro-nutrient that our body needs. Zinc’s not only there to protect the cell membrane, but also to enhance the immune system. Zinc is important for balancing blood glucose.

Manganese is known as a cell protector. Our body needs this mineral for SOD (Super Oxide Dismutase) formation. This is necessary for vitamin B1 and vitamin E metabolisms.

Muscle weakness and fatigue are the symptoms of diabetes. All of the minerals help to fight the disease for us so that we do not have to do it on our own. Minerals need to be taken every day and diabetics can do this by taking mineral supplements. Minerals help to maintain and improve a diabetic’s health.

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