Is Security A Stepping Stone Into Law Enforcement?

Is Security A Stepping Stone Into Law Enforcement?

After exploring this question for quite some time, I have come to the conclusion that you do not need tp have any security experience to be a good police candidate. As a professional who has been in the security industry for nearly a decade, I have had the opportunity to discuss many of the questions I had on how to become a police constables with a lot of different officers. Many of these officers would not provide me with a direct answer when I asked them if security experience is relevant in policing.

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The reason why I did not receive any direct answer to my question was because there is no direct correlation between security experience and having a better chance of getting hired as a police constable. Over the years, I have met many people who had security experience and were hired because they met the criteria the recruiters were looking for in a candidate. On the other hand Rajasthan Police Constable Result 2021, I also know people who had no experience in security but possess the relevant skills required to be a good officer and is now serving with the local police department.

As long as an individual possesses the relevant skills that are highly valued by police recruiters, the field of work they are currently in has no impact on their candidacy. What do police recruiters look for in a candidate? Whenever I posed this question to any officer, the most common answer is LIFE EXPERIENCE.

Life experience has always been a concept that I have found vague and for quite some time, I did not understand what it actually means at the beginning of my career. After further exploration of the concept through interviews with police officers, I have found that this concept is not as complicated as one would think. In order to gain more life experience, one would simply need to go out and start living their life. Police recruiters find that people who have more in experience in life have more to offer on the job. Some examples of what life experience may include: having a child, experiencing death of a loved one, experience in multiple career fields and moving out of your parent’s house.

Police recruiters also value someone who has a lot of VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCE. Candidates who devote their time and get involved within the community demonstrates a commitment to making a difference. The main priority of every police department is to make the community a safer place and an individual who is involved in the community is someone that shares the same objective and mission as law enforcement Rajasthan Patwari Admit Card 2021.

These are the two main experiences police recruiters look for when they hire for the police constable position. As long as you have life and volunteer experience and you are of high moral character you do not need security experience as a stepping stone into a law enforcement career. Although working in the security industry will provide an individual with effective communicational, organizational and analytical thinking skills, these skills can be attained through other career fields as well. In fact, police recruiters are more prone to hiring candidates who does not have experience in security. This creates diversification of police constables from all walks of life.

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