How to Take Care of Ragdoll Cats

How to Take Care of Ragdoll Cats

Have you seen kittens of Ragdoll cats? They are so cute and gentle. You would feel overwhelmed after bringing them home. They will prove to be the most docile and friendly creatures for your home. Kittens of Ragdoll cats can be purchased from an experienced cat breeder. This species is the best among cats. It has traits of amiability and pretty looks. Ragdolls can be seen in many attractive colors. They are characterized by a soft fur coat. They are easy to bring up at homes. You will have to take a slight care in feeding them.

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Give them food having high calories and proteins. Such food stuff will help these cats to be in sound health. The fur of these cats is soft like that of a rabbit. It has a silky touch and can be combed with a steel comb. Ragdolls should be combed gently to avoid shedding of hairs. You can use special cat shampoos to keep their hair healthy. These cats live from 15 to 25 years. Their body weight ranges from 10 to 20 pounds proper care.

You can keep Ragdoll cats in a healthy condition, through routine medical checkups. Vaccinations can help them to be safe from seasonal infections. But these cats have the advantage of being naturally immune to allergies. Regular care can keep these pets healthy for years and you can enjoy their company. Ragdoll cats are not fierce; they are so gentle that you would forget about keeping a dog at home. These species feel comfortable with kittens. For full protection these beautiful pets should be kept indoors, this would guard them from attack of other animals. When you take these cats outside, keep an eye on them. Take proper care so that they may not vanish. Consult a reputed Ragdoll breeder to know about effective caring tips of caring for these cats.

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