Strange Yet Useful Gadgets

Strange Yet Useful Gadgets

Surveillance gadgets are as entertaining as they are useful. Some security devices can save your life, while others are just fun to have. With over 150 gadgets to choose from, you will always be as safe as you are amused.

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Dashboard cameras are useful for recording accidents. They can help you point out exactly what went wrong, and can be handy for insurance matters. Clock cameras can sit harmlessly on your desktop while keeping an eye on potential burglars or even naughty children.

Camera pendants are another unobtrusive method of surveillance. The wearer should be aware that they are wearing a camera, since pendants are often worn during very private moments. Night vision camcorders are useful for night guards and wildlife photographers.

A Portable Phone Jammer shaped like a cigarette pack can only be used for mischief, but it’s a very cool toy to have. It can be used in movie halls, church services, or office meetings. You can also get watches that have water proof pin hole cameras on their clock faces บุหรี่ไฟฟ้าราคาถูก.

The Socket Bug monitor is another interesting device. It is shaped like a socket and is loaded with a sim card. When you dial the number on the sim card, you can hear the voices and other sound signals around the extension cable.

Moving away from surveillance, another popular trend is Twilight. This series of books and movies has garnered a lot of media attention, and fans are always in search of merchandise and memorabilia. For your neck, there is a Rosalie pendant and an Alice Choker necklace. Both items are replicas of jewellery worn by characters in the Twilight movies.

For clients who prefer wrist jewellery, there are several options. There is a bracelet that emulates Esme’s and has the Cullen Crest on it. You can also get a Cullen Circle Charm bracelet and a New Moon tag bracelet. For gents, you can get a leather wrist cuff just like Edward’s which has the Cullen Crest on it.

For your car or house keys, you can get a key chain with several different New Moon symbols or one with New Moon tattoo art. There are more necklace options: a heart necklace with either Jacob or Edward written on it, A New Moon wolves tattoo art necklace, A Cullen Circle tri-charm necklace, and a New Moon pendant chain necklace. Finally, you can get a Carlisle ring with the Cullen Crest on it.

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