Baptism Clothes for Boys – What Should He Wear?

Baptism Clothes for Boys – What Should He Wear?

The question I hear over and over again is “What should my baby boy wear for his Baptism? I’m not sure I want him to wear a dress.” Interestingly enough, Giuliana and Bill Rancic recently had this very same discussion about their son Duke for his Baptism so if you are having the same discussion, just know that you aren’t alone. Although boys historically wore a white gown with a matching bonnet and white booties for their Baptism, that is no longer the only acceptable option for parents.

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If you decide that you do not want your baby boy to wear the very traditional Baptismal gown, you may opt for either a white One Piece Romper or a White Suit. This decision may come down in part to the age of your child. Rompers may be more appropriate for a younger baby (generally boys that are up to approximately 18 months old). A more formal White Suit may be preferred for a child that’s a little older Juice Wrld Store.

As with Baptismal gowns, there are many options you will have to choose from when it comes to the specifics of the Romper you purchase. Fabric selection very often determines the formality of the outfit (starting from the more casual cotton to the more formal satin or silks). There are also choices for sleeve lengths (short or long sleeves) and pant lengths (shorts to long pants). Certainly the time of year and climate you live in may help you with some of these decisions because you will want your child to be as comfortable as possible. When it comes to rompers, the style choices seem to be endless. From something that might look like a sailor suit, to outfits with mock buttons, vests & bow ties, to outfits with real buttons, vests & bow ties, you should be able to find the perfect Romper.

If you really can’t decide between a Baptismal gown or a romper for your younger son, there is a solution that combines the best of both of these worlds. You can actually buy a Baptismal gown that turns into a romper! For the Baptismal ceremony you can have your child wear the gown, and then you can unbutton the detachable gown from the outfit to reveal an adorable romper that you child can wear for the celebration party you have planned for the day.

Your other options are three- or four-piece white suits with white shoes. A three-piece suit will consist of a white shirt with an attached vest, a suit jacket and a pair of pants (or shorts). A four-piece suit will contain a separate shirt and vest to go along with the jacket and pants (or shorts). These more formal looking suits come in cotton, satin and other dress clothes material.

Whatever you choose to dress your son in on their Baptism day, just know that it will be a very memorable day for you and your family – and you should enjoy every moment!

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