Gummy Smile Treatment: Quick and Successful Results

Gummy Smile Treatment: Quick and Successful Results

A perfect smile is that what everyone will crazily wish to have! Often, this dream seems to be interrupted with one’s gummy smile. You may have the protruding gum tissues. It looks so upsetting when you go social. You will feel to have a quick treatment sooner.

Fortunately, we have an efficient dental solution to your gummy smile. You will not now have to live your life with it forever. You can now be as beautiful as you ever dream to be with your ideal smile!

Let’s overview the gummy smile, its causes and possible treatment options.

What causes a gummy smile

The gummy smile may vary in reasons to occur.

  • Unattractive Smile Line – a consequence of an unjust spreading of gum tissues, upper jawbone and teeth alignment.
  • Excessive Gum Area – protruded over the teeth that make them appear smaller even though they are in just cbd gummies ingredients regular sizes.
  • Unevenly Moving Upper Lip – it causes to widen up the muscles higher than its standard height, making the gum area seem prominent than usual.
  • Abnormally Grown Upper Jawbone – it may cause the gums appear massive.
  • Short Upper Lip – it makes the gum area look bigger than an original size.
  • Retroclined Teeth over your prominent teeth can also lead to the exposed gum tissues.

A List of Cosmetic Treatments for Gummy Smiles

As the gummy smile may have different etiologies, you will have to appear for various medical tests to initiate specific treatment. You can see your dentist and ask him or her for your most suitable treatment for the gummy smile. Your doctor can figure out the best dental surgery/procedure for it.

Your dentist may advise you for:

  • Teeth Bracing – The best noninvasive treatment option for teeth realignment. It can drop your gummy tissues.
  • Gum Contouring – In this process, the additional gum tissues are removed using the scalpel or laser, making the teeth seem large and equal in the proportion with your gums.
  • Botox – In this procedure, the extra elasticity of upper lip is corrected to make it fit over the gum tissue. It is an alternative option for those, who do not want an invasive surgery.
  • Lip Repositioning – In this surgery, the upper lip is realigned to restrain a gum line from looking protruding.
  • Crown Lengthening – The gum tissues cbd gummies 3000 mg reviews are eradicated, and bone is sculpted to make the gum line re-contoured. It will make shorter teeth look usual and gum tissues less exposed.

Look at other techniques to rejuvenate your gummy smile:

  1. Gum Surgery
  2. Orthodontic Intrusion and Dental Restorations
  3. TAD-Supported Intrusion of Upper Teeth
  4. Orthognathic Surgery
  5. Orthodontic Intrusion AND
  6. Periodontal Surgery or Lip Immobilization Techniques


Your gummy smile that is untreated may also lead to some oral problems. You are advised to seek an appropriate dental treatment to correct it.

You will just be stunned with your perfect smile out of it!

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