Getting Ex Girlfriend Back – Why Watching Romantic Movies Is Not A Solution

Getting Ex Girlfriend Back – Why Watching Romantic Movies Is Not A Solution

Many people think that everything they see on romantic movies are true facts of life. But, the reality is that those movies are entirely fiction. For instance, when you are breaking up with your ex girlfriend, you are not going to make her want to get back with you by just following the “advice” that you learn from romantic movies. Your situation is different, and besides, you have a real-life situation in front of you. You are not in the middle of role-playing for a movie. So, you should stop watching romantic movies and get some real advice for your relationship.

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Why should you stop watching romantic movies? Well, you may watch them for your personal entertainment, but you are not going to use those movies as your love advice ดูหนัง. And unfortunately, most people do so. Here’s why:

  1. Those movies are a scripted role-playing

All the things that the actors do in the movies, including begging their ex with flowers and gifts, are already scripted. They’re just doing their roles. So, it’s not real. And besides, most of those movies are written by one person, and one person can write about anything.

  1. Those movies are based on fiction

Yes, most of those romantic movies are based solely on fictional story. Do you know what it means? It means that they are not real. The story is man-made, and it doesn’t reflect the real-world situation. When you break up with your ex, that’s your reality. But, those movies are based on fantasy, so you can’t follow their advice.

  1. You have a different relationship situation

You obviously have a different relationship situation than the characters involved in the movies. You can’t just relate your situation with their situation. You can’t make their stories to fit with your story. You can’t blend fantasy with reality.

  1. Those movies usually offer only unrealistic advice

The advice offered in those movies are usually unrealistic. For instance, flying in a private jet with the big banner: “I love you, Katherine!” That’s not realistic, unless you’re a multi millionaire. And besides, the advice offered in those movies are usually bad for your relationship situation.

  1. Those movies are purely for entertainment purpose

Well, that’s true. If you want to watch some romantic movies, know that those movies are purely fiction and designed for your entertainment only. They are not intended as professional relationship advice for anyone having a relationship problem.

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