A Terrific Day Out at the Front

A Terrific Day Out at the Front

cupom de desconto pichau

It was a warm summer evening and I decided to take a walk in the forest in search of the elusive Cupom de Desado. The locals called it Pichu, meaning “the spicy one.” Since I am not very good with languages, the locals offered me some help. Eventually, we found a small shack built in an old channel among reeds on the banks of the Rum River.

There are many hikes you can do in the forest canopy. The trails vary in difficulty but all take you to the same place: the forest canopy. As the train neared the summit, the vegetation became thicker and the trail became more difficult. I was out of breath by then. My Italian was not that great so I asked for directions to a nearby town.

A local guide with a big afro came over and introduced us to the local culture of the people living in the area. We learned of the Chamorros, or Spanish speaking Chamorros, and their dances. The guide also showed us where the highest peaks in the area can be reached and advised us to go up those peaks to avoid the crowds cupom de desconto pichau.

On our way up the trail, I passed an old wooden bridge across a causeway covered with moss and plants. On its banks were ancient stone pillars engraved with frescoes depicting scenes from the ancient Spanish civil war. I was awestruck at the sight. Looking back from the edge of the causeway, I could see a Spanish cannonballs in the distance.

We passed through the small village of Pichau where a wonderful house made of stone with white columns spanned the main walkway. The porch was painted in cheerful greens and reds. On the first landing, we met Ignacio who welcomed us with his warm smile.

We sat down under an ancient gazebo where tall figures of gargoyles and fairies gathered. There are many Spanish churches here dating from the 15th century. The Basilica San Juan de Las Aguilas is one of the best preserved of these. It has an apse with a beautiful statue of the Madonna resting on a cross. It was created by a friar and later served as a hospital.

After visiting all the interesting sites, it was time for lunch. We walked into the grotto where Ignacio instructed us to look for a lizard-like creature swimming or resting on the rock. We found a small hole in the ground that led to a den which was full of lizards and snakes.

In the evening, we decided to camp on the Mesa’s plateau next to a little beach which overlooked the silver mining camp. We had already explored the nearby Copper Canyon where we saw plenty of otherworldly sights. The camping was fantastic with the stars shining down just as beautifully as they do in the sky. It was a truly unforgettable experience.

The next day we packed up our bags and headed back towards the town of Pichau. There are many ancient Spanish buildings and churches to see there. It is a real sense of history as you walk the streets carrying with you your camera. There are also beautiful modern shops lining the main boulevards.

Once we arrived in Pichau, we headed towards the Basilica San Juan de Las Aguilas. It is a wonderful place with a lot of character and history. There is an underground chapel here where you can have a nice view of the town below. It is worth a visit.

Then it was onto the Chaweng volcano where we spent a very enjoyable afternoon exploring the area. You need to know about the tongkat Ali tree to be able to see it at work. It is actually a very dangerous and venomous snake but you can see it takes its lunch when threatened. This plant can kill you with one strike. It grows on the inner side of the trunk up to the bark.

The whole day was beautiful. We had a great time exploring the old part of town and the old buildings. You will definitely want to come back if you ever come to Pichau again. The views from the top are breathtaking!

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