The Truth About Bean to Cup Coffee Machines

The Truth About Bean to Cup Coffee Machines

What if someone told you that they had a coffee machine that could grind whole beans for your coffee drinks on demand? While you might think they had lost their mind, the fact is that there are a series of machines known as bean to cup coffee machines that do just that. Before getting too excited, however, it’s important to understand what these machines do and don’t do. Like most coffee makers, this type isn’t for everyone, though it does have its strengths. The following article will dispel the myths regarding these unique and cutting edge coffee machines.

If you’re under the impression that one of these machines can transform the quality of your coffee into something much better than you’ve come to expect then you may be in for a disappointment. The truth is that great coffee is a result of using freshly roasted beans, good quality water and the proper grind. The fact that these machines grind the beans just prior to brewing is a great thing, though that’s only part of the equation. The unfortunate fact about most of these small coffee pots is that they incorporate a blade-style grinder K cup filling sealing machine, which doesn’t do the beans any justice. What a blade grinder does do is pulverize the coffee beans into an array of differently sized particles, much of them dust. Have you ever had the unfortunate experience of tasting a bitter cup of coffee? If you have then it was likely the result of over-extraction; a process that occurs as a result of either using boiling hot water for brewing or by using finely ground coffee. Apart from this fact, it’s also important to note that these machines won’t produce the results that they otherwise could if you were to use freshly roasted coffee beans.

Of course, there is a bright side to these machines. If you’re looking for a machine that will make your life a bit easier than a bean to cup coffee machine certainly fits the profile. Not having to fill the machine each time with whole beans can be helpful, particularly if you’re looking to brew multiple beverages over a short period of time. This could be especially advantageous for use in a small cafe or restaurant, where having to refill the machine would become laborious and unnecessary. Also, as previously mentioned, having a machine that grinds the beans just prior to use is a benefit, since beans lose much of their flavor and aroma once they’ve been ground.

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