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Feng Shui Blog

A Feng Shui Blog is a great way to get help from experts, or even find out more about Feng Shui itself. A Feng Shui Blog is a great tool to use to educate yourself and perhaps even to bring some Feng Shui into your own home. The basics of Feng Shui can be quite intimidating for the person who does not understand its principles, but with help and tips, it is possible to bring the art of Feng Shui into your life area and even enhance certain areas where it may have been otherwise unappealing. There are a number of blogs dedicated specifically to this art form, and one of the best ones is located at FengShui dot com.

Here, you will get tips and advice on such topics as the correct placement of windows, doors, and counters, as well as suggestions on how to use colors and Feng Shui tones to improve or change specific areas in your home. For example, the blog talks about using colors like red and green to accentuate the east area of a room, while yellow brings luck to the west and north of a room. Another area that can be enhanced with Feng Shui is the south and west areas of a room. If these areas are placed correctly, they will attract abundance and prosperity to the home.

On this blog you will also learn about the concept of the Three Treasures, which is discussed at length. Experts talk about how using a WOFS.com theme, such as the one described above, can help you bring luck and abundance into your life area. For example, one blogger says that a Feng Shui guide showing how to make the south and west areas of a home attract abundance could be used to create the kitchen, which is considered the most difficult and fussy room in a home.

According to experts, there are five elements that make up your life area and they are wood, fire, water, metal and earth tones. If you have an earth tone in the northeast area of your home, then you will need to learn how to create balance in this area by keeping all of the elements equally balanced. The blog talks about the importance of using earth tones in the northeast area to bring abundance into the home. There are other elements that are crucial to Feng Shui, such as how you can properly align doors with windows and how you can use Feng Shui to keep certain things in your life area, such as your bed, neatly organized.

When you read this article, you will understand that the water elements bring luck to the home decor and the fire element brings wealth and prosperity to the life area. You will also learn that the metal elements add health and the wood elements bring order and the water element brings happiness. Earth tones are often used to add a spiritual and calming feeling to the home decor. If you want to get rid of some clutter in your life area, then using earth tones is a good way to go.

In part 3 of this Feng Shui series, we will take a look at the metal areas of your home decor such as your desk, your lamp and any other metal objects that you might have that you could move or reposition to improve your life area. We will also look at the water element in the southeast region of your home decorating with the water table as well as how using this water table brings luck to the table. This is part three of my series of Feng Shui Tips and Secrets on Bringing Luck to Your Home Decor. If you would like to learn more about Feng Shui and how you can apply its principles to your home decor, and find out about the different Feng Shui colors and Feng Shui jewelry that is available, please visit my Feng Shui blog.

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