Butt Sets, Punch Down Tools and Tone Generators All Have Something in Common

Butt Sets, Punch Down Tools and Tone Generators All Have Something in Common

Well you worked hard for that Electronics Degree now its time to put it to good use. There are so
many different aspects to the world of Electronics and each of them requires some type of specialized training. Yet the specialized training you received will mean nothing to you if you don’t have the specific tools tailored to the Electronic work you decide to do. These specific tools will make your more efficient and will make the service you provide to your customers much more professional.

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Telecommunications has become the Industry of today. It requires a special knowledge and specific Telecom Tools and Tool Kits to perform the job properly. One thing you should understand, the money that you spend now on the right tools, will only enhance your reputation and the work that you do in the future.

Telecom installations require specific types of tools and that is what I will focus on in this
article. One of the most important items that you will find in a Telecom Tool Kit is referred to as a
“Butt Set” or a “Linesman’s Handset”. The Butt Set looks very similar to the handset from your telephone in your home or office Wire Crimp Tester. The Butt set allows the Telecom Technician to troubleshoot phone lines by checking for dial tone and other functions. The Butt Set has a key pad that even allows the technician to dial out on the line that is being tested. You will also notice that the Butt Set has two leads extending from the bottom of it with alligator clips on the ends. These alligator clips allow the Telecom Installer to connect the Butt Set anywhere the Telecom Installer may find necessary during the installation or repair of Telecommunication Equipment.

The Butt Set is only one important tool that you will find in a Telecom Tool Kit. You will also find what is referred to as a Tone Generator. The job of the Tone Generator is to produce a tone, something like the dial tone you here when you pick up your telephone. The technician will inject this tone into one of the telephone lines being tested and use this tone to help trace wiring routes or even breaks in the wires. You will find the Tone Generator to be an invaluable tool when working in situations where there is no dial tone present.

A Punch Down tool is also something necessary to have in your Telecom Tool Kit. The job of the punch down too is to make the connections on the terminal junction. You should make sure that your Punch Down Tool has exchangeable blades, you will find this to be an extremely important feature of your Punch Down tool.

Some other tools you might expect to find in a Telecom Tool Kit are a set of Needle Nose Pliers,
Wire Cutters, Crimping Tool, Wire Stripper and a good set of Screwdrivers with exchangeable blades and rubber grips. You should consider having a receptacle tester for GFCI outlets. You will find this tool an important asset to your Telecom Tool Set as you will most likely run into locations where these types of receptacles are present or are code in new construction when adding new Electronic devices and outlets. You may even want to consider adding a Professional Multimeter to your Telecom Tool Set as well.

What makes all of these tools invaluable to you and within your reach is a quality Tool Belt and Pouch. The Tool Belt will allow you to have your Butt Set, Tone Generator, Punch Down Tool and other Telecom Tools right at your finger tips. Most Telecom Installers are generally moving around from location to location on the job site, so it only makes sense to have your tools at your side versus in a Tool Box. A good Tool Belt and Pouch will make your work easier and much more efficient. So take the time to choose the best way to carry all of your Telecom Tools. The right Tool case or in this case the right Tool Belt and Punch will make managing your tools that much easier.

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