Government Jobs Posted on Craigslist – How to Avoid Scams

Government Jobs Posted on Craigslist – How to Avoid Scams is an online classified service that connects job seekers with job employers. They have a special employment section for government jobs. You are likely to find legitimate jobs on the website, but you will also find scams. How can you avoid them?

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Avoid any posting that isn’t for a job offer. Since you are searching the employment section of Craigslist, you would assume that all postings are for government jobs, but they aren’t. You will find many “systems,” that will show you how to make use of government grants to get a job or start your own business. You may also get links to another job search website, but that website may charge a monthly or yearly subscription fee. Your goal is to find open positions, so focus only on job posting. This is one of the best ways to avoid scams on

Don’t pay any fees. Most government jobs aren’t like others. You do more than just have a job interview. In most cases, you must take and pass a civil service exam. The county offering the job should have these tests available. Although you must pay an affordable fee, you handle the scheduling and payment for your test. Be careful when applying for jobs on Craigslist that state you must pay a fee. They may hide this fee as legitimate a civil service exam. Remember though, you must take the initiative to schedule and pay for your own test. Don’t let someone else you met online do it for you. They may actually just take your money and run.

Combine Craigslist with other jobs search methods. Although is growing in popularity, not all industries take advantage of it yet. Some cities are filled with legitimate government jobs, while others are virtually empty. While you are likely to find more government jobs advertised on the website soon, it is recommended that you combine Craigslist with other job search methods, including your local newspaper classified. By doing this, you will find more legitimate jobs. The more jobs you apply for, the greater the chance of you landing one.

As previously stated, some cities are filled with government jobs, while others have few to none. To increase your chances of finding legitimate, scam-free jobs on Craigslist, download the free Craigslist Reader at Search multiple cities in your state at once to find jobs, such as census jobs, military jobs, and jobs in the political sector.

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