The Joy of the Organic Garden

The Joy of the Organic Garden

In addition to the obvious benefits of fresh organically grown fruits and vegetables, a well tended garden provides both industrious leisure and intense mental activity in your planning and execution. The idea of industrious leisure is something that the gentleman farmer and gentry of the 18th and 19th centuries understood when they tried to improve and develop their most meticulously design and ingenious creations with manual labor and hand tools. We can learn from their careful layout and planning and since most garden before the green revolution was chemical and pesticide free it was also Organic Gardening.

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The Organic Garden of today

The modern garden is found on the folk-ways of the Gentleman Farmer of old and the modern scientific discoveries of today. The application of beneficial insects and nematodes to control infestation of harmful pests is now as easy as ordering the requires species on the Internet and having them deliver in time to combat an outbreak. The ability to use a rotary tiller and other enhanced tools to dress and prepare the soil allows less effort to prepare the garden in the spring or recycle mulch and vegetable debris Gartenhelfer. Effective and conservative use of the planting density of plant allows greater yield in smaller areas with less water and minimal application of fertilizer if you follow the ancient practice of crop rotation with legumes like Pea and Beans being sown in place of Broccoli, Cauliflower or Cabbage. You will find that you can combine attractive border plants like marigolds to discourage some pests and even (in my experience) ravenous deer. I have also found that the deer were deterred from nightly feeding by the wooden border and small solar-powered garden lights on the border of the raised bed. The versatile garden can be configured in any suitable layout but I tend to think that the rectangular raised bed is best for increased yields, sustainability and flexibility.

Choosing the Organic Garden for sustainable growing

The Organic Garden allows you to experiment with recycling compost by using your kitchen and yard waste to reinvigorate the soil with nutrient rich mulch and compost. It also gives you the opportunity for light physical work while being outside in the fresh air and Sun and the supplemental nutrients from your healthily grown produce contributes to you and your families overall health and well-being. The elimination of vegetable wastes from your disposal improves the overall environment benefit by reducing landfill material and increasing the reuse of nutrients in growing more produce.

Organic Gardening is a fun, complex and enriching effort that can start small and develop as you learn new skills and discover what works best for you and your family.

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