How to Verify a PayPal Account in Non-PayPal Approved Countries

How to Verify a PayPal Account in Non-PayPal Approved Countries

First, sign up for a PayPal account on PayPal. Some people have tried to argue that IP is a problem. But I emphatically tell them it is not at all. If an American who lives in your country can use PayPal, why can’t I who lives in the country use it with my IP? PayPal knows it is my country’s IP, but sometimes they limit your account for you to verify that you are the real owner of the account.

In opening your PayPal account, don’t take a personal account. Don’t change your IP and choose a premier for it will give you a lot of benefits.

Also you must not use your country address if your country is PayPal prohibited. You look for a virtual address from Asian countries, Middle East or Europe Buy Verified PayPal Account. But don’t ever sign up for PayPal with a US or UK address. If you do, what happens is that PayPal will request you to supply your bank account. So it’s easy to predict the outcome of what will happen when you don’t have US or UK bank account. So don’t use US or UK address. OK!

Now, once you sign up, an e-mail will be sent to your e-mail address used to confirm if you are the owner of the e-mail address used. And after that, you return to PayPal and fill in your necessary secret details. The next thing you will be asked is your own checking account or credit card.

If you are signing up for the first time, you will see a place where you will be asked your checking account or credit card, don’t fill it. If you do, they will instantly limit your account.

When you are closing your virtual address, don’t use countries which PayPal allows opening an account who is not allowed to receive money. Make you check details of all the countries in PayPal records, make sure you chose a country that allowed receive money.

How to verify a PayPal

After signing up, to verify PayPal takes about five minutes if you have all the facilities in place.

The first thing you will do is get a PayPal virtual card. It costs only $8. The card is gotten at

Once you log on to verify PayPal what you will see is: Add Debit or Credit card. And both cards are everywhere. But the thing is that there are peculiar cards you can use, where the card is more interesting is that you didn’t need a credit card to buy it. All you need is a liberty reserve to buy it. So log onto and open an account. Fund your account with $10. Once this is done, log on to virtual-cc and choose virtual card for PayPal verification you pay with your liberty reserve and be charged $8. Virtual-cc will now send you your card detail which you will case to login to your PayPal for verification. When you log into your PayPal account, indicate that it is a visa card, add the card number, the expiry date and month. They the CSY or CVV security number. Once you have done all that, click and summit. PayPal will instantly charge the card with $1.95.

They do this to confirm that you are the owner of the card and that you are a human being because if you own the card there must be a code you get from it, so all you need to do is return to the card vendor and since it is coming from their provider they have to generate the code. Id you check the spending history of the card it will indicate that PayPal gas charged it $1.95. You will then see PayPal’s 4-digit code which is supplied back to you, copy the code into your PayPal account and click on summit. Your PayPal will be verified at once.

Things to Avoid

1. Do not delay in issuing a refund when a customer insists on it. A customer’s report to PayPal about your refusal to refund will bring an immediate limit placement in your account.
2. Do not add your PayPal account to network marketing or multi-level marketing (MLM) site. It is against their terms of services if you do this, the next thing you will see is: “your account is limited”.
3. Do not concentrate all your money in one PayPal account, if you have more than one. If you have one PayPal account, you can have several too, attached to that one PayPal as e-mail that are verified.

I advise you to have more than one, so that while you harvest your money with one, you send it into another one as a reserved account in case they limit it. The reason is that one they limit your account, your money is also going to be tied down.

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