Tips to Avoid Harming the Earth With Leather Products

Tips to Avoid Harming the Earth With Leather Products

Leather goods, leather bags, leather belts, leather shoes, leather jackets are some of the leather goods that are in high demand these days. Leather goods especially leather items industry (bag, footwear, garment) is very much fashion oriented. The demand for these leather goods is more in countries like USA, UK, Canada and Australia. Moreover, most of the leather goods industry is largely dependent on the domestic market. In countries like India, China, Indonesia, and Vietnam the leather goods trade is growing continuously. Mostly the leather goods export is done to Asia, particularly to China and Japan.

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Leather products are categorized into different categories like Women’s Leather Goods, Men’s Leather Goods, Apparel, Accessories, purses, wallets etc. Leather products demand of high price due to its uniqueness and beauty. The men’s leather goods and women’s leather goods dominate the leather goods industry day lung ca sau. The major leather goods exported from India are:

Belts, wallets, leather briefcases, leather handbags, leather shoes and leather purses are the most commonly exported leather goods. Apart from these leather goods the hides used are also very important. The names of the hides may vary depending upon country but generally they are made of sheep skin or goat skin. Most of the buckskin hides are derived from India while the goatskin and cow hide is mostly available in Australia. However, the quality of hides greatly affects the price of leather products.

Apart from this, there are other important leather goods in India are leather belts, wallets, purses and leather briefcases. Leather belts are mostly handmade and are relatively expensive than solid brass ones. The quality of the belts is very much depended upon the workmanship. Usually plain vegetable-tanned, pre-finished and solid brass belts are used.

The leather wallet is another important leather goods. There are many different types of wallets in the market. Mostly they are divided into two categories designer wallets and everyday wallets. The designer wallets are mostly handmade and are quite expensive. They are usually made up of different leathers such as snake-skin, suede and vegetable-tanned.

Full-grain leather goods are the best in the category of leather goods. The best quality full-grain leather goods are usually obtained from India. Some of the popular full-grain leather goods are: belts, wallets, purses, handbags and slippers. Other popular types of leather goods include: beads, clutches, sunglasses, watch straps and wallets.

One of the most widely used chemicals in leather goods is the synthetic chemical called “Dimethyl Fumarate”. This is a strong coloring agent which can be used to dye leather articles. However it has some bad effects on the skin of animals and so it is not used in many leather articles. Some other well-known chemicals that are widely used in leather articles are: pigments (dyes), resins, waxes and essential oils.

It is always better to buy genuine leather goods. Genuine leather goods are produced without the use of any synthetic chemicals. The best way to ensure that your leather products are 100% natural is to choose tanning process that produces less amount of dyes. A traditional method of tanning involves smoking the hides and passing the smoke through a gas burner, resulting in formation of long-lasting carbon footprints.

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