A Total Stress Management Guide For Nurses

A Total Stress Management Guide For Nurses

Prologue: Dear sisters, Right at the outset I would like to pay my humble tributes to you and your profession and express my gratitude on behalf of all those whom you serve. Yours is such a profession where there is almost no end to the sacrifice that you make. Most of you work hard; on domestic as well as occupational front! I really admire your patience and salute you for the same. Really you are the chosen ones of the Almighty and hence most privileged.

Secondly I would like to congratulate you for your success in achieving expertise, which is so valuable in healing the ailing mankind.

Now before I go ahead I would like to concede the possibility that you could be knowing much more than the contents of this book. Also, you may be practicing Total Stress Management better than me and you may already be healthier than me in every possible way. But this is my humble effort to share with you what I understand and try to practice!

In view of your supreme importance in patient care and in view of the extremely stressful situations you have to go through, it is imperative that somebody cares for you and your health! So kindly appreciate my concern about your well being and instead of believing blindly or rejecting blindly, consider these contents with open mind, verify and accept or reject on the basis of your own experience.

Total Stress Management For nurses working with critically ill patients.

It is good to appreciate that Total Stress Management (Holistic Health Promotion) requires two aspects to be handled. First; is you and second is your environment. Let us consider the first aspect i.e. you. There are five aspects of your being! They are, spiritual, intellectual, emotional, instinctual and physical! It is needless to clarify that these are not watertight compartments and the classification is for the purpose of simplicity in understanding. So, the Total Stress Management (Holistic Health Promotion) involves nurturing these five aspects of your personality!

Spiritual health!
When you work with patients requiring critical care, you are facing agonies, anxiety, fear, worry and restlessness. You require tremendous spiritual strength in such situations. I am sure you do not lack spiritual strength. But one simple way to nurture or further develop spiritual aspect is imbibing the concept of unconditional acceptance, love and respect for your self. This helps you to explore the SOURCE OF LIFE i.e. SPIRITUAL POWER WITHIN YOU. Invoking this power within you is also called as exploring the healer within you.

Therefore learn to ACCEPT, LOVE AND RESPECT, yourselves, unconditionally. This is possible by two means. One is through conscious efforts and the other is through the traditional practice of NAMASMARAN i.e. remembering the name of God or your Guru.

Namasmaran is a simple way of growing from within. However it is ironical that since it is simple and inexpensive people [including me] find it most difficult to practice it! It appears too simple and hence incapable of nurturing us spiritually! But I feel that spiritual growth can really be possible through Namasmaran and it can increase the healing power within you.

How to assess your spiritual health?

There are few criteria by which you can assess your spiritual health and develop it further.

One criterion is the perspective of global welfare. You begin to think and automatically wish the best for one and all! This in itself strengthens you.

Another criterion is fearlessness. It is true that through practice and experience most of you grow fearless even in otherwise dreadful situations. But fearlessness resulting from spiritual growth is nondecremental i.e. without any decline and also, it is devoid of callousness!

Another criterion is your talk.
One of the hallmarks of spiritual growth is revitalizing words. Your words become naturally empowering. You do not have to cultivate or artificially make them so!

One more criterion is your look. Your facial expression and body language naturally reflect affection and care. Your The Lost Book of Herbal mere presence and your touch begin to heal your patient. In other words empowering happiness begins to emanate through every aspect of your existence.

It must be appreciated that depression and melancholy are infectious. Pain and misery can also be infectious. They can erode you without you being aware of it. Hence you require this power within you to help yourself and everyone around [patients, their relatives, other patients, your colleagues and even the doctors] to overcome stress!

Spiritual growth is additionally important because it gradually reduces two most important causes of stress viz. pettiness and superficiality. Pettiness and superficiality create unending dilemmas, which can really harm you. Hence yet another criterion of spiritual health is broad mindedness and profoundness evident in not getting disturbed by trivial matters!

For the spiritual growth or spiritual health or for exploring the healer within you, AUTOSUGGESTIONS can also help. But thoughtless autosuggestions should be avoided; as you may get trapped in your own petty or even mean ideas.

Following autosuggestions are based on profound philosophical insight. They are of great value.

A] I shall not get angry or feel sad today because it is about past which has gone by.
B] I shall not worry or get restless because it about future which may not come.
C] I shall thank the nature or God for the bounties, because they are many times concealed and not apparent.
D] I shall respect everyone, because global unity is an objective reality and God is present in every one.
E] I shall do my duty honestly because honesty means exploring the universally beneficial element in my work and that would prevent dragging of mind from getting distracted towards fallacious and illusive glamour present elsewhere.

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