Do Glasses Really Improve Eyesight?

Do Glasses Really Improve Eyesight?

I ask the question, do glasses really improve eyesight? This is from my own personal experience of wearing glasses.

That really is an interesting question isn’t it?

Personally, I’ve been wearing prescription glasses for most of my life. I was prescribed glasses when I was 5 or 6, so that’s now going on for 30 years.

The one thing I’ve found is my eyesight just keeps getting worse. Not better at all. In fact every few years when I do get my eyes re-tested, I find I have to get a stronger prescription.

Yes it is true that wearing glasses does allow me to see properly, but what is the point when it’s not improving my eyesight.

I’m sure the majority of people out there that wear glasses find the same thing.

Short of laser surgery, which is purported to last only until you’re 40 or thereabouts, there doesn’t really seem to be any way of improving eyesight.

You’d think that now in the 21st century we would have a better and cheaper solution to eyesight deterioration than laser surgery.

Over here in NZ, it costs around about $3000 per eye. Now for some people I know that $6k would be chicken feed, but there are many out there that would find it impossible to find a spare $600 to throw around on getting one of our most important senses repaired. And Visiclear then to have it only last until you’re 40? They do say it can be possible to achieve another 10 years after 40 by getting a second or third op done, but really what is the point at $6k a pop for an extra 10 years?

However there must be a demand for it or else they wouldn’t be doing it would they?

I personally would love to find an alternate solution to improving my eyesight without having to resort to laser surgery, and one that would be permanent as well. And I’m betting that I’m not alone in this desire.

I’ve heard of exercises that supposedly improve vision, but have not yet found any that work for me.

So what would it take for modern medicine to come up with a solution that will improve the eyesight of millions of people throughout the world?

Surely there is another way, there has to be something better than having to live with glasses everyday and still having our eyesight deteriorate.

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