Cruises to the Virgin Islands Discovered

Cruises to the Virgin Islands Discovered

There is plenty to do on the Virgin Islands cruise holiday. There are many locations that constitute the area including St. Thomas. The transportation to the location is limited to air and sea. Most brochures are limited to visitors from the United States of America but in reality all visitors are welcome to the resorts. You will need to check out the visa requirements and how they apply to you on the trip. The airports that service the area include the Cyril E King Airport which is situation right on the St Thomas Island. Alternatively you might decide to use the Henry E Rohlsen airport which is located on St Croix. There is a continuous service that runs from the USA to St Thomas as well as St Croix. You can also get some connections in San Juan in Puerto Rico. You should select the itinerary that seems most convenient to you in the circumstances.

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The starting points can include Miami, New York, San Francisco Houston and San Juan. This means that you have plenty of flexibility in the way that you arrange the flights. You can configure them to meet your specific needs without causing too much inconvenience to the people that are running the trip. You can look at the specific offers for American Airlines that has a full flight to St Croix. Other providers include the Continental Airlines Group, Delta Airlines and United Airlines. Alternatively you can use the US Airways as part of your Virgin Islands cruise holiday. There is a cruise ship dock at St Croix. The preferred starting point is Puerto Rico but Florida is also acceptable yacht charter miami.

The cruises that serve this area include the, Carnival Cruise Line, the Celebrity Cruise Line, the Disney Cruise Line, the Holland America Line, the Norwegian Cruise Line, Premiere Cruises, Royal Caribbean International, the Seabourn Cruise Line, Sun Cruises and Topaz International Shipping. You might also take advantage of the various yacht charters in the different marinas that are available. Those that are able to sail can either hire or use the available facilities to travel with their own yachts. Unfortunately some people are put off by the image of the Virgin Islands cruise holiday as something for the rich. However the reality is totally different with all the different packages that are now available for the people that are interested. It is up to you to check out the different elements to ensure that you are paying the right kind of money but getting good value.

For the family the Virgin Islands cruise holiday offers a unique opportunity to experience some interesting locations as well as the benefits of a well planned cruise. In the event you can save up for the trip if you feel that it is not immediately affordable by your current standards. The important thing is that you can enjoy it from time to time. Those that live in the USA can easily access this package.

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