The Top Twitter Desktop Apps

The Top Twitter Desktop Apps

Desktop applications are a great way to manage multiple Twitter accounts from one easy platform rather than having to login & logout on the web all the time. But there are so many to choose from 聊天室. Here are a few of my favourites…

TweetDeck – TweetDeck is my personal favourite. It’s the one I use most. It’s one of the most popular Twitter clients out there & I have been using it for about two years now 香港交友網. I also have it for Iphone too.

When I first started using TweetDeck it was Twitter only & I was managing multiple Twitter accounts very easily with the help of this tool, but now it goes further than that 識女仔方法. With the latest 0.36 version you can now also manage Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Buzz, Foursquare & MySpace accounts on there too.

It is easy to manage your Twitter lists & also it has a great search function so that you are able to get real-time search results for the keyword of your choice. There’s no need to worry about searching for too much as it allows you to have unlimited columns! You can schedule updates to be tweeted at a future date. You can upload videos with the help of TwitVid. It has tidy little URL shortening feature where you can even choose the service that you like including & tinyurl. You can choose how to upload pics to including Twitpic, Posterous & Yfrog They have also just added a new trending topics column so that you can see what is hot on Twitter right now!

It can even translate tweets in other languages so you can easily communicate with anyone across the world! How cool is that? For me TweetDeck is the top dog & that’s why it’s my number one.

Seesmic – There are two versions of Seesmic which are Seesmic Desktop for Air & Seesmic for Windows.

Notably Seesmic for windows does not require Adobe air in order to run which is a plus point but its drawback is it currently only supports Twitter & no other social networks. You can post the same update to more than one Twitter account simultaneously.

Seesmic Desktop for Air does support Facebook as well as Twitter but that’s as far as it goes on the number of social networks that it supports. But one major advantage is that it can support Facebook pages, which is dream for those who may be an admin of multiple FB pages. It gives you the ability to post new FB page updates & also to moderate comments making it in my opinion the app that has the best Facebook integration. It does run on both Mac & PC but arguably it is more suited for Mac users. For me this is my second favourite desktop app.

Twhirl – Twhirl is an app brought to us by Seesmic. It’s a quick and easy-to-use Twitter client with a minimal yet beautiful user interface. It is by design a minimalistic app & offers a lot less features than giants TweetDeck & Seesmic but who is to say that is a disadvantage? This application allows you to see and respond to tweets using a decent size windown on your desktop so if all you need is a way to quickly post status updates on your Twitter timeline, Twirl may be perfect for you. Another really cool aspect of Twhirl is that it supports FriendFeed, & you can also cross-post updates to other social networks via One disadvantage is that it is no longer being actively updated with Seesmic Desktop being the developers main priority now, so if you are type who loves updates & the latest features then Twhirl is not for you. It is only for those who are seeking simplicity.

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