VARDAN – The Eternal Creative All Knowingness Living Force Which Sustains All Life

VARDAN – The Eternal Creative All Knowingness Living Force Which Sustains All Life

This life giving force is the true essence of HURAY, God. Many religions recognize the VARDAN as the Holy Spirit. All creation was created from HURAY through this life giving force.

Before the creation of the lower worlds nothing existed, only the emptiness of the void. Except for the VARDAN, there was only darkness and void. From this life giving force innumerable worlds gradually rushed forth into life and shape. The VARDAN is the embodiment of all life, spiritual enlightens vitality and vibrancy. It is endowed with all knowingness.

This living force creates, sustains and gives freedom to that individual who is able to hear of the music of the HURAY-God.

The light and sound are the twin pillars of the VARDAN. The sound current, the audible life stream, is the vehicle for souls to return back to the Ocean of Love and Mercy, the dwelling place of the HURAY. God speaks to us only through the primal sound. It has no other way of contact other than through the VARDAN.

The VARDAN, the audible life stream, is the voice of God, from which all other sounds arise.The VARDAN is the Ocean of Love, a life giving, creative sea, heard by the followers of the HURAY,God.

When the human consciousness in an individual has been awakened and he hears the wave of God, he becomes enlightened.

The voice of the HURAY, this wave of the VARDAN flows out from the Ocean of Love and Mercy reaching outward to the px7 primal flow reviews uttermost bounds of creation. Then the returning wave flows back to the Ocean of Love and Mercy.

The souls that are spiritually enlighten and also accept the Living VARDAN Master with devotion will be connected to the returning wave for his journey back to the Ocean of Love and Mercy

The only way one can attain peace of heart and rid himself of all burden of karma is through the VARDAN, The intitiate, who with great devotion is purged of his dross at the time of initiation, enters into a expansion of consciousness, which transports him with joy into a state of being he has never before known.

Within the higher God worlds the VARDAN creates sound, the music of life, within the psychic worlds it creates light and in physicality it creates intelligences.

The law of universal love is only found in the Audible Life Stream that returns souls back to the heart of God.

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