Tips to Promoting Your Blog

Tips to Promoting Your Blog

If you have a blog or even if you are planning on starting a blog, you will want to consider following the strategies below. The strategies are for building your twitter followers, building your Facebook fans and building your blog woodworking community. You can also find these same strategies listed in the “Kristen Busch” blog.

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One of the best ways to build your social 1 marketing strategy for building your blog followers and your twitter followers is to sign up for the many free social networking sites like Facebook. Facebook is the largest social network and has over 500 million users logging in daily to update their profile and more. For every person that you can reach through your woodworking blog using a link to your blog or website. Every single one of your fans and followers will see your updates through Facebook. With just one click you can reach hundreds of thousands of people within minutes bestofchinsaw.

Another strategy is to go to all the major social networks and start following the people that are following the most people and the most comments. For example the people that have the most twitter followers will be seen as the “infection”. So, when you see a tweet from someone that has something to say about your woodworking blog post just add your twitter link. If you aren’t on twitter yet you should be because it’s the number one place to view latest posts get email contact info and many other benefits. So go add your twitter link to your woodworking blog and start building your social 1 marketing strategy for your blog woodworking.

Another strategy is to build a Facebook fan page for your blog woodworking. I have seen a lot of woodworkers create a page on Facebook and add their blog link, so that their fans and followers can see the latest information on what they are doing with their blog woodworking. This strategy is great because it gives you more exposure to your blog woodworking page and allows you to market you business as well. So go and take a look at how much traffic your fan page gets and start promoting your blog woodworking on Facebook to increase your presence in the woodworking community.

The last strategy that you need to know about, is how to get twitter followers for your blog woodworking. You can easily do this by adding the Twitter logo to your blog. So, whenever you make a new blog post, add your twitter links in it or add to your twitter name with a couple of twits strategically placed in it. I like to add my twitter name with 2 twits strategically placed in every blog post. Then I will also set up my Facebook page and my woodworking blog pages so that whenever I post new information on either one of them is added to the blog and my twitter name is also posted to my friends list so that everyone can see me whenever they log into their twitter account.

These are some simple strategies that you can implement and start promoting your woodworking blog online. I hope you get inspired by what I share with you. Remember that promoting your blog is one of the best ways to get more traffic and more people will be able to find out about you. So start promoting your woodworking community today. Just remember there is nothing better than seeing someone successful do something on the internet then struggling to do it yourself.

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