Making Sex Last A Lot Longer

Making Sex Last A Lot Longer

Would you like to make sex last a lot longer? Hopefully this guide will do just that and help you reach the super stud status that I know you are craving! Now we all know that sex is a whole heap of fun, the best thing that you can do that does not cost you a bean, although of course sex does cost some people a bean or two but I think that is a story for another day mon braves!! Anyways, I think if we are going to perform this here sex thing, we should learn how to do it to the best of our darn ability, so that we can give our partners the ride of their lives and then some.

OK, so to get down to the nitty gritty of how to make sex last a lot longer, let us look at the mechanics of sex literotica. Now to make it last as long as we want, we need to stop ourselves having an orgasm too early, I think you will agree, and there are ways and means to stop the problem of premature ejaculation. A few pointers to help you along your way:

When you feel as if you are going to have an orgasm, or before you even enter your partner, give your member a quick jolt! That is to say, with your finger and thumb just above the rim of your penis, give it a fast, tight nip when it is erect, and this will bring the old rascal back down to earth and make him think of something else besides orgasms! You can use this method each time you feel you may be close to an orgasm and it should do the trick nice and easy.

You can also try a position that does not get you as excited as a fox in a chicken coop. Try a position that does not over arouse or stimulate you too much, probably one that you are not penetrating too deep, and you will then find you can control yourself better and be able to give your partner all the pleasure that baby needs.

The hips and pelvis are one key thing to look out for. If you thrust forward a lot with your pelvis you will find it mucho stimulating and it could be tears before bedtime all over again, so take it easy and stay in control.

I hope these few tips, laced with a little bit of humor, will help you along your way to making sex last a lot longer my little chickadees. In the meantime, relax, hang loose and have fun.

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