Why Do Most Flat Tummy Diets Fail?

Why Do Most Flat Tummy Diets Fail?

Have you ever wondered why most flat tummy diets fail? It’s not for lack of want or lack of motivation. It’s not for lack of information available about how to lose weight or products that can be purchased to help with losing weight. So what is it?

You know that the reality for losing weight and getting rid of belly fat is that in order to get the weight off and keep it off in a healthy manner then you are going to have to put it some hard work.

In an age of “quick fixes” many people, no matter how motivated they may be, are just not be willing to put in the work to build that foundation for permanent weight loss. Or, they may quit before they see the results they crave.

What is the best approach to motivate yourself to reach your flat tummy diet goal and prepare for the work and frustrations you may encounter on the way to losing belly fat and getting fit and healthy?

Consider these two approaches. First:

“Losing weight is easy, anybody can achieve it. All it takes is a little bit of exercise and the willingness to eat differently than you do right now. You can still enjoy the foods you love – cake, lasagna, ice cream and chips. Just make some time for yourself to take a walk everyday for just 30 minutes, measure your food portions and you’re as good as there!”

Well, anybody who has ever tried to lose weight will think: if it were really that easy then why haven’t I been able to accomplish my desired weight?

Next, consider this:

“If you are really serious about losing that fat you’re carrying around your middle, then you just need to stop eating! Quit the crappy, pre-packaged foods that are full of empty calories that make you fat. You need to change your eating habits completely or you’re not going to drop a single pound. You need to get into the gym and sweat. Put on those running shoes and sweat pants and get ready to work your butt off…literally! If not, you will end up like the 90% of people that fail at losing weight. You will stay fat, destroy your Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic Reviews heart and end up dead.”


While this second explanation may be a little bit more honest, how many people do you think will be rushing to start a flat tummy diet weight loss program? Do you think a “scared skinny” approach is going to work?

People don’t want to fail. At least, by not starting a flat tummy diet, they know they can continue to carry those extra pounds…successfully! Why bother if there is little chance of success?

So herein lies the dilemma. How can you honestly face the challenges and rewards of any weight loss or belly fat diet without sugar-coating it or making it sound like an impossible task?

Consider this third example:

“You’ve heard the phrase before ‘Your body is a temple’. What exactly does that mean? When most people think of a temple, they think of something that is clean and free of all the harmful influences in our environment. A place like that is something that you want to preserve and keep clean, right?

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