Promoting Dental Health Through Natural Substances

Promoting Dental Health Through Natural Substances

Teeth are exposed to a variety of chemicals present in what we eat, which can be damaging if proper dental hygiene is not carried out and problems may arise very quickly. It only takes 12 days without brushing your teeth for a layer of bacteria to form around the teeth and harden so much that it cannot be removed by brushing alone! From there, bacteria can reach the more sensitive parts of your teeth, causing serious implications to your dental health. Nowadays, numerous dental treatments have been developed, from cosmetic dentistry to surgery and root canals and our reliance on our dentist has increased. In fact, we have mostly forgotten about natural treatments that, at one point, were the only options available to cure toothache and promote good oral hygiene. An enormous variety of such treatments exist worldwide and have been passed from generation to generation, relying on plants available locally.

Baking soda

There’s a long list of uses for baking soda, from cooking to cleaning. With regards to oral health, it is also considered one of the best teeth whitening products available at home and also boasts anesthetic and anti-microbial properties, by slowly reducing the pH in your mouth and inhibiting bacterial  Dentitox Pro  development. This results in improved dental health.

Hydrogen Peroxide

You may already use hydrogen peroxide as an antiseptic to disinfect wounds, but did you know that is also contributes to a reduction in bacterial infestation in your mouth? It can be used in mouth ulcers or to prevent halitosis.

Salt water

Salt water is a traditional treatment for various dental problems, including promoting teeth whitening and alleviating mouth ulcers. Salt has antibacterial properties and promotes healing in your teeth.

Activated charcoal

Charcoal is absorbent, which means it binds bacteria, toxins and other sources of infections present in your teeth. It’s used traditionally in Africa, as a replacement for toothbrushes, and it can be used to alleviate toothache (temporary treatment) or to remove plaque and whiten your teeth. Activated charcoal also solves other dental health concerns.


Xylitol is a natural sugar that can be used as an alternative sweetener. It’s been suggested that it attracts and then starves bacteria present in your mouth, actually working as antimicrobial. In fact, not only is a sugar that does not cause cavities (it’s a non-fermentable sugar), it actually prevents tooth decay from happening and promotes an increase in mineral absorption in the enamel.


Propolis is a resin produced by bees and is used to seal open spaces in the beehive. Recently, it’s been discovered that this resin may be very helpful in fighting against caries and other oral diseases, due to antimicrobial properties. It can also be used to reduce mouth ulcers in patients that regularly suffer from these mouth afflictions. Propolis promotes overall dental health.

Furthermore, new substances are being discovered with potential to improve our dental health, including shells of crustaceans, wasabi and even shiitake mushrooms. Your never know… you may be able to buy lobster toothpaste or wasabi mouth wash in the near future!

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