Writers – Lend Some Credibility to Your Articles

Writers – Lend Some Credibility to Your Articles

Ever read an article that seems to be the author’s personal opinion yet doesn’t provide proof to back up his/hers words? If you want to build credibility in your articles, or anything you write for that matter, cite credible sources in your writing. You will appear professional and build trust in your readership and editors which could lead to your next assignment!

There are several ways to make your articles believable and provide value to the reader. Go the extra mile by digging a little deeper into your subject to give the article some substance and keep readers engaged. Citing credible sources through testimonials, interviews and expert quotes takes your article beyond the mediocre “fluff” category and gives readers something of value.

These credible sources listed will help establish you and your article as an authority on the subject.

Testimonials – Customer or client testimonials are an excellent source of credibility. They must be in the customers “own words,” but you can edit for clarity – just get their approval before using in any written medium. For your website, place the testimonials of satisfied clients or customers, with their approval of course, on at least one of your web pages.

Quotes from industry experts – It just doesn’t get any better when you can use a quote from an established industry expert. However, when using quotes be sure to give credit ufabet มือถือ where credit is due. Note any titles such as Dr., PHD, CEO as well.

Case Studies – Research case studies and state the results in your article to back up claims. This builds believability in your article and provides the proof needed to make a solid case for your viewpoint.

Interviews – Research for white papers, magazine articles, etc can include interviews you conduct on your own. Interviewees can be anyone from a local small business merchant to the CEO of a large corporation.

Surveys – Surveys are good for giving you cold, hard data taken from the pulse of customers or the general public at large. Tapping into the feelings and thoughts of customers can give your article a definite boost. This is also a great way to get a feel for spotting trends in the industry.

Statistics – Recorded statistics are hard to refute and it is hard to deny numbers, percentages, averages, etc. A good example of citing statistics would be “according the Dept of Labor – 55% of Americans”….”when polled over 60% of adults between the ages 25 – 40..,” and “7 out of 10″ males…” etc.

Providing solid proof from credible sources when warranted in articles or written materials is a great way to establish an author’s own credibility. Establishing credibility builds trust and sets your writing apart from mediocrity.

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