A Green Site – What Does This Mean?

A Green Site – What Does This Mean?

In these tough economic and environmentally challenged times, it is really important for an artist to “practice what she preaches” to borrow from a commonly heard adage. Artists by their very connection to detail and condition of rawness that allows art to form, are in a position that no others share. We interpret the world around us in a way that makes our viewers feel something. And hopefully the feeling will inspire action. That is the responsibility of an artist to her or his audience. To live a balanced life that gives thanks to the earth which supports and inspires the artist’s life itself.

How can we accomplish this? Well, first of all, recycle. We don’t “need” state of the art technology as long as whatever it is is as energy efficient as possible.. An old printer works just as well. Pass on your extra PC to a younger artist coming along who maybe can afford little. Visit an area on “trash day” and see who has put what gem out for the recycling truck that might be useful in the creation of a work of “found art” or used in one’s own house with a cleaning and a new blanket laid over the rough spots driveway bollards stockport.

When not using it, turn your computer equipment off. Even when the switch is off but the power source continues to be plugged in, this uses a constant supply of electricity. Which, in turn, creates waste gases at the production site and releases pollutants in the air. Even keeping your computer unplugged 6 hours a day can reduce YOUR contributions to greenhouse emissions significantly and lower your electric bill. None of us is in such a hurry with a reader dying because of having to wait to read one’s newest poem, that we have to leave the computer in “sleep” mode 24-7.

Used recycled paper for your printer. And if you print out something that isn’t exactly the way you want it, turn the paper over and use the other side instead of simply tossing it. Odd-ball pieces of odd sized paper from projects sized and stapled together, make a note-pad for groceries and rough drafts of poetry.

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